About those cables again…

Two posts into my science blogging career and I already have to issue a bit of a correction. Well, a clarification at least.

The ScienceExpress post that first brought us news about the possible hiccups in those amazing “faster-than-light neutrino” from OPERA, seems to have been inaccrurate in it’s details. The official statement from OPERA explains that, although a potentially iffy optical fibre connection is a suspect in the 60 nanosecond mystery, it has not-yet been confirmed to exactly account for the disrepency. That little detail seems to have originated in the ScienceExpress post.

The statement is repeated in full in this Nature piece.

It’s also worth checking out this related posts by Matt Strassler, and this interesting opinion piece byRobert Garisto, revealing a journal editors take on the situation.

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